“We all have the earth in common”

Dr. Robert S. Weiner

Totally’s commitment to the environment begins with streamlining our manufacturing process by sourcing materials and manufacturing techniques that not only reduce waste but use less energy and conserve water.

Because innovation means nothing without responsibility, environmental sustainability and recycling initiatives are a high priority at Totally Carpet. Totally Carpet’s 21st century applications like enhanced SDN fiber technology utilize environmentally friendly fibers and eliminates the necessity of a dye house, helping neutralize our impact on the environment by using less water and additional resources. Totally’s solution dyed fibers are nonporous and resilient to abrasion and matting.

Totally carpet is highly resistant to stains and wears well against high traffic, extending the life of the carpet and keeping it out of the land fills.

Totally’s products are CRI Green Label Plus certified and contribute to LEED. Our team works collaboratively with LEED and green building consultants from product conception to development. We are proud to have our products listed in the Mindful Materials library.