Driven by the company philosophy that “The best product wins,” Totally Carpet is the industry’s most innovative producer of high-performance luxury tile & broadloom carpet for commercial interiors. Continuing the tradition of innovation set forth by it’s founder, Dr. Bob Weiner, a multiple patent-holding chemist and founder of The Harbinger Company, Prince Street, & Constantine, Totally Carpet is committed to manufacturing high-performing carpet that is cost conservative without sacrificing performance, consistency, and aesthetics.

Totally Carpet is a customer-focused manufacturer built to service today’s demanding construction schedules. It fills the void in the marketplace for a responsive carpet manufacturer that understands the challenges and needs of today’s interior finish specifications. Our core philosophy of equitable excellence facilitates responsible manufacturing, recycling initiatives, and empowered team members from the boardroom to the warehouse.

Totally Carpet’s team of progressive, talented colleagues are supported by state-of-the-art industry insight, as well as its founder’s unmatched reputation for technical innovation and design acumen.



Solution Dyed Nylon- All TOTALLY carpet product are 100% solution dyed nylon. (SDN)  SDN is the most resilient and colorfast fiber available. Because it is pigmented before it is extruded, color is integral to the fiber itself. Color is permanent and fade-resistant and strong cleaning agents can be used with no fear of damage.  SDN is particularly popular for Healthcare and Hospitality applications, but brings the same advantages to corporate interiors.


Cortex Technology™ is a state of the art, ecologically friendly procedure that avoids the clinical or muddy look of other Solution Dyed Nylon processes, instead reflecting a rich and luxurious texture and appearance. The Cabled Cortex method twists and heat-sets two or more solution dyed nylon yarns together to create extremely dense high performance products. Cortex technology enhances the performance, consistency, and aesthetics of Totally Carpet's designs, while keeping costs moderate- even in high traffic, poorly maintained installations.  Additionally, Totally Carpet's unique Cortex Technology process results in beautifully textured, sophisticated carpets, possessing unprecidented resistance to stain bleach and discoloration from UV exposure.


T3™: Totally Transition Technology combines two or more individual pieces of carpet producing a beautifully textured hybrid.  Carpet themes flow into one another seamlessly regardless of weight, texture, color, or pattern.